Combining jangly surf guitars with modern synths and hip hop beats, Whiskey Autumn seeks to blend genre lines and create their own sonic utopia. The band’s latest single, Birds That Flew, dropped at the beginning of summer 2018 and was described by 303 Magazine as: “jamming out where your parents don’t know about. This music means to elicit a response, to make the listener feel funky and strange in the best way.”

Hailing from Denver, CO, Whiskey Autumn consists of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Greg Laut, bassist and synth player Jason Paton, and beat maker extraordinaire Matty Schelling. Founded by Laut, the band originated as a solo folk project before expanding into its current lineup and venturing into new sonic realms such as synth-pop, R&B, and rock’n’roll.

Birds That Flew is the first taste of Whiskey Autumn’s upcoming record, which is scheduled for release this fall. The group can currently be found touring rock clubs throughout the nation in their trusty van named Bruce and drinking all the coffee along the way.