Whiskey Autumn Performs at OpenAir: Watch Session

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Chloe Dore - 303 Magazine

"Whiskey Autumn's recent work indicates an after party - jamming out where your parents don't know about. This music means to elicit a response, to make the listener feel funky and strange in the best way."

Alex Kramer - 303 Magazine

"With a timeless electro-pop sound carried by fuzzy instrumentals and warm vocal harmonies that'll make you long for summer, Whiskey Autumn's Ice Cream in the Sun sounds like nothing coming out of Colorado right now."

Shannon Shumaker - The Prelude Press

"Electro-pop rock... a sound that’s a bit nostalgic, yet wholly original."

Josh Johnson - Denver Post's The Know

"Whiskey Autumn has transitioned into a newer sound, incorporating more electro/indie pop."

Drew Boulos - 303 Magazine

Evolving Sound: Whiskey Autumn Touring Behind New Electro Pop EP

Adrian Gomez - Albuquerque Journal

Whiskey Autumn Discusses New EP & National Tour

Sabrina Broderick - The Daily Nebraskan

"A fluid blend of pop/soul, incredibly catchy synth work, and lyrical witticism."

Trevor Ryan - Bolderbeat

Top 10 List of Colorado Tiny Desk Submissions: "Catchy and satisfying electronic pop."

Daniel Mescher & Jessi Whitten - Colorado Public Radio

AXS Interview - Get to Know a Colorado Band: Whiskey Autumn

Alli Andress - AXS

“The money-maker here is quite frankly the perfect vocal production in which harmonies ebb and flow with the music backing them, giving the distinct impression that they are not just the focus of Whiskey Autumn’s artistic expression but an integral part of the instrumentation.”

Evan Wroblewski - Yellowscene Magazine

“As soon as you think you know the kind of song you’re listening to—in that way it’s so easy to hear a song as some autonomous sonic structure, disembodied—the three voices that make up Whiskey Autumn remind you that people and personalities are bringing you these tunes; they’re working within these familiar song structures—ranging from the kind of doo-wop that leaves beach sand all over the kitchen floor, to the rolling organ-thick tunes that kick up desert sand behind a cross-country car cutting through the South West—but all the while letting you know that it’s the people within the songs who’re singing to you.”

Matthew Treon - Vannevar

“With sing-songy, classic pop choruses and harmonies, Whiskey Autumn walks a line that allows them to dip their toes in a variety of genres, from indie pop to classic beach doo-wop, to hipster folk.”

Brian Johnson - Marquee Magazine

“With their dreamy harmonies, inventive lyricism, and alluring instrumentalism, I’d sail on whiskey waves with these guys any night.”

Hannah Oreskovich - BolderBeat

"Everything [Whiskey Autumn] plays, especially the songs [they] write, seem to be reaching back in time. Not just the aesthetic, but the lyrics, the mood of the sound."

Pete Laffin - BolderBeat

“Whiskey Autumn offers distinct, authentic songs and has no shortage of passion.”

Haley Midzor - Resound Magazine

“Early 60s pop and modern Americana that is dripping with sing-songy harmonies and hooks.”

Brian Johnson - Marquee Magazine